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Total Facilities Management (TFM)

We provide turnkey technical and building maintenance solutions, which include building Hard and Soft services.

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Annual Maintenance Contract

Having your property covered under our Annual Maintenance Contracts. Read More

Deyar Icon 3 AC Maintenance

AC Maintenance

If you wrote a list of the top 5 things that are absolutely crucial to.. Read More

Deyar Icon 6 AC Coil Cleaning

AC Coil Cleaning

As dirt inevitably accumulates on the AC coils, it adds a layer.. Read More

Deyar Icon 7 AC Duct Cleaning

AC Duct Cleaning

Is there a musty smell in your property and you're wondering... Read More

Deyar Icon 2 Electrical services

Electrical services

Electrical fittings are a very important aspect of home safety.. Read More

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Plumbing is a highly specialized discipline requiring the right skills.. Read More

Deyar Icon 9 Carpentry


Installation of replacement doors and windows are not projects.. Read More

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At Deyar we undertake all sort of masonry job ranging from minor fixing... Read More

Deyar Icon 11 Painting


At Deyar we undertake all sort of painting jobs ranging from minor.. Read More

Deyar Icon 5 Landscape Works

Landscape Works

Do you dream of the thought of sitting, relaxing, and enjoying.. Read More

Deyar Icon 12 Swimming Pool Works

Swimming Pool Works

Maintaining a swimming pool is a quite complex activity... Read More

Deyar Icon 4 Renovations Refurbishments

Renovations / Refurbishments

As time rolls on, our homes naturally suffer from the daily wear... Read More

Deyar Icon 13 Facilities Management

Facilities Management

Under our FM Division we have an answer to all your questions.. Read More

Deyar Icon 14 Snagging services

Snagging services

One of the best experiences in life is moving to newly-built home.. Read More